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Delivering the right message,
to the right person,
using the right medium,
at the right time.

4 Screen Advertising

Advertising has changed dramatically over the past 20 years and moreso in the past 5 years. We now live in a 4 screen world where poeple are using multiple devices simultaneously. We can help you navigate all 4 screens and reach your customers.

We have been producing traditional advertising since 1985. There isn't a media we haven't used in the past and thoroughly understand the benefits and limitations of all of them.


We have been creating digital advertising since we helped launch KREM.com in 1999.  Since then, and multiple websites later, we have learned a lot about what works and what to avoid.


Social media is a whole new ballgame when it comes to advertising. We can show you how to communicate with your fans socially, and turn those potential customers into repeat customers.


Smart phones have greatly changed the face of advertising. They are now our telephone, internet, social network, and identity. The mobile device is the new "Yellow Pages" of yesteryear. 


Traditional, Digital, Social, Mobile

From traditional media like TV, radio and print, to new technology including social media and mobile phones, we can deliver your message to your best customers.


Websites, Brochures, Logos

Whether it's logo creation, slogans, business cards or brochures and posters, we can help create an entire marketing strategy that will deliver sustained results.

Innovative Ideas

Creative, Unique, Daring

As marketers, we pride ourselves on fresh ideas. The reality is, there are no fresh ideas, there are merely ideas that are looked at differently. That's where we shine!


Messages, Direction, Strategy

This could be as simple as giving suggestions, writing copy, or advising you to open your wallet and spend more in marketing or you may be closing your doors.


TV Commercials

Written ~ Produced ~ Directed


Satisfied Clients

Local ~ Regional ~ National


Years Experience

Producing Ads Since 1985



But then who cares

Q & A

Marketing costs vary depending on the extent of what you want done for you. We have a free consultation to determine your needs and we can determine costs at that time to move forward.

We won't charge you anything until we find a way to increase your revenues. Then we will discuss a program that will fit within your budget and current needs. It's all about you!

Key differences from large agencies:
* Minimalistic with low overhead. We use freelance help as designers and media buyers. This keeps our costs down.
* A depth of personal experience. We have personally written and produced hundreds of successful ads for TV, radio, billboards, print, and all forms of digital advertising. We get it because we've done it.

* "Out-of-the-box" thinking. We've created new ways to advertise in traditional media that was a win-win for the client and the adertising company.


Our team is comprised of freelance specialists in their fields. They prefer to work as independent contractors so they can work the schedule they prefer. This keeps your costs to a bare minimum while giving you the best product available. Together we can help you navigate the 4 screens and figure out what budget should be allocated to what devices, all staying within your budgetary guidelines. The call is free so do yourself a favor and give us a shout to see if we are a good fit for your company.

Kevin Oliver

Ad Guy

I grew up with a black and white TV and 3 channels. I got into the TV industry and wrote, produced or directed over 2,000 commercials. I've also managed a television station website and created and managed multiple other websites. I've owned magazines, managed multi-million dollar companies and managed very small companies. I've also managed an in-house advertising agency for over 5 years. I've seen a lot of changes and have loved being a leader in some of these changes. And in this changing environment, we have been an innovator in developing new marketing strategies to drive results with the least expense.


Graphic Designer

A team of talented freelancers gives us the opportunity to keep your costs at a minumum while delivering the best results.


Media Buyer

A team of talented freelancers gives us the opportunity to keep your costs at a minumum while delivering the best results.